Paper: Using Lexical Semantic Techniques To Classify Free-Responses

ACL ID W96-0304
Title Using Lexical Semantic Techniques To Classify Free-Responses
Venue Workshop On Breadth And Depth Of Semantic Lexicons
Year 1996

This paper discusses a case study in which lexical semantic techniques were used to implement a prototype scoring system for short-answer, free-responses to test questions. Scoring, as it is discussed in this paper, is a kind of clasgification problem. Responses are automatically scored by being assigned appropriate classifications. The ultimate goal is to develop a scoring system which can reliably analyze response content. For this study, a domain-specific, concept-based lexicon, and a concept grammar were built to represent the response set, using 200 of 378 responses from the original data set. The lexicon is built, from individual words, and 2-word and 3-word terms from the training data. The lexicon is best characterized by Bergler's (1995) layered lexicon. Concept grammar rules are ...

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