Paper: How Language Structures Concepts - An Outline

ACL ID W96-0302
Title How Language Structures Concepts - An Outline
Venue Workshop On Breadth And Depth Of Semantic Lexicons
Year 1996

than standard mathematical topology in that it is also "closure-neutral" - it applies equally well to a completely or a partly closed surrounding, as in in the ball and in the bowl. Comparably, it is "discontinuity-neutral", as seen in in the bell-jar and in the birdcage. The objects in each of these pairs are treated as geomet- rically alike in language, whereas they are wholly different objects in mathematical topology. In the other direction, a closed-class reference in certain respects is geometrically less abstract than in mathematical topology. Thus, the across schema, as in I swam across the lake, applies if my path extends between opposite points of the shore of a round lake, thus roughly bisecting the lake. But it does not apply if my path extends between two points rather close a...

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