Paper: Head-Driven PCFGs With Latent-Head Statistics

ACL ID W05-1512
Title Head-Driven PCFGs With Latent-Head Statistics
Venue Workshop On Parsing Technology
Year 2005

Although state-of-the-art parsers for nat- ural language are lexicalized, it was re- cently shown that an accurate unlexical- ized parser for the Penn tree-bank can be simply read off a manually refined tree- bank. While lexicalized parsers often suf- fer from sparse data, manual mark-up is costly and largely based on individual lin- guistic intuition. Thus, across domains, languages, and tree-bank annotations, a fundamental question arises: Is it possible to automatically induce an accurate parser from a tree-bank without resorting to full lexicalization? In this paper, we show how to induce head-driven probabilistic parsers with latent heads from a tree-bank. Our automatically trained parser has a perfor- mance of 85.7% (LP/LR F1), which is al- ready better than that of early lexicalized...

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