Paper: Switch Graphs For Parsing Type Logical Grammars

ACL ID W05-1503
Title Switch Graphs For Parsing Type Logical Grammars
Venue Workshop On Parsing Technology
Year 2005

Parsing in type logical grammars amounts to theorem proving in a substructural logic. This paper takes the proof net presentation of Lambek’s associative cal- culus as a case study. It introduces switch graphs for online maintenance of the Danos-Regnier acyclicity condi- tion on proof nets. Early detection of Danos-Regnier acyclicity violations sup- ports early failure in shift-reduce parsers. Normalized switch graphs represent the combinatorial potential of a set of anal- yses derived from lexical and structural ambiguities. Packing these subanalyses and memoizing the results leads directly to a dynamic programming algorithm for Lambek grammars.

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