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Unifying Text, Metadata, and User Network Representations with a Neural Network for Geolocation Prediction


We propose a novel geolocation prediction model using a complex neural network.Our model unifies text, metadata, and user network representations with an attention mechanism to overcome previous ensemble approaches. In an evaluation using two open datasets, the proposed model exhibited a maximum 3.8%increase in accuracy and a maximum of 6.6%increase in accuracy against previous models. We?further analyzed several intermediate layers of our model, which revealed that their states capture some statistical characteristics of the datasets


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15 Google's Neural Machine Translation System: Bridging the Gap between Human and Machine Translation Yonghui Wu, Mike Schuster, Zhifeng Chen, Quoc V Le, Mohammad Norouz... 9999
16 Dynamic Coattention Networks For Question Answering Caiming Xiong, Victor Zhong, Richard Socher 9999
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19 A Beginner's Guide to Graph Analytics and Deep Learning | Skymind Not Available None
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24 Sketch-a-net that beats humans Qian Yu, Yongxin Yang, Yi-Zhe Song, Tao Xiang, Timothy Hospedales 9999
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26 A Comprehensive Survey on Graph Neural Networks Zhonghan Wu 1257
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31 SMOTE for Learning from Imbalanced Data: Progress and Challenges, Marking the 15-year Anniversary Alberto Fernandez, Salvador Garcia, Francisco Herrera, Nitesh V. Ch... 1182
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34 Deep Learning for Sentiment Analysis: A Survey Lei Zhang, Shuai Wang, Bing Liu 1122
35 Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview Yuxi Li 1336
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39 Recent Advances in Document Summarization Jin-ge Yao, Xiaojun Wan, Jianguo Xiao 1129
40 Word Representation Models for Morphologically Rich Languages in Neural Machine Translation Ekaterina Vylomova, Trevor Cohn, Xuanli He, Gholamreza Haffari 9999
41 Neural Summarization by Extracting Sentences and Words Jianpeng Cheng, Mirella Lapata 1129
42 Neural Summarization by Extracting Sentences and Words Jianpeng Cheng, Mirella Lapata 1129
43 Recurrent Memory Networks for Language Modeling Ke Tran, Arianna Bisazza, Christof Monz 9999
44 Sequence-to-Sequence RNNs for Text Summarization Ramesh Nallapati, Bing Xiang, Bowen Zhou 1129
45 Survey on Evaluation Methods for Dialogue Systems Jan Deiru 1126
46 Tree-to-Sequence Attentional Neural Machine Translation Akiko Eriguchi, Kazuma Hashimoto, Yoshimasa Tsuruoka 9999
47 Can neural machine translation do simultaneous translation? Kyunghyun Cho, Masha Esipova 9999
48 Neural Information Retrieval: At the End of the Early Years Kezban Dilek Onal, Ye Zhang, Ismail Sengor Altingovde, Md Mustafizu... 1183
49 Generating images from captions with attention Elman Mansimov, Emilio Parisotto, Jimmy Lei Ba, Ruslan Salakhutdinov 9999
50 A Survey on Neural Network-Based Summarization Methods Yue Dong 1198