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Adversarial Connective-exploiting Networks for Implicit Discourse Relation Classification


Implicit discourse relation classification is of great challenge due to the lack of connectives as strong linguistic cues, which motivates the use of annotated implicit connectives to improve the recognition. We propose a feature imitation frame-work in which an implicit relation network is driven to learn from another neural network with access to connectives, and thus encouraged to extract similarly salient features for accurate classification. We develop an adversarial model to enable an adaptive imitation scheme through competition between the implicit network and a rival feature discriminator. Our method effectively transfers discriminability of connectives to the implicit features, and achieves state-of-the-art performance on the PDTB benchmark.


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17 A Low-Rank Approximation Approach to Learning Joint Embeddings of News Stories and Images for Timeline Summarization William Yang Wang, Yashar Mehdad, Dragomir R. Radev, Amanda Stent 421 paper 120.89
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28 Toward Theoretical Understanding of Deep Learning Sanjeev Arora 711 tutorial 114.68
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