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neural architecture search


neural architecture search


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# Title Author Topic Medium Score
1 Neural Architecture Search Thomas Elsken, Jan Hendrik Metzen, Frank Hutter 712 survey 11.90
2 Everything you need to know about AutoML and Neural Architecture Search George Seif 711 resource 11.68
3 Taxonomy of Methods for Deep Meta Learning Carlos E. Perez survey 11.54
4 A domain specific language for automated rnn architecture search Martin Schrimpf, Stephen Merity 857 resource 11.45
5 Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture Quoc Le, Barret Zoph 713 tutorial 11.43
6 Shift-Reduce CCG Parsing using Neural Network Models Bharat Ram Ambati, Tejaswini Deoskar, Mark Steedman 999 paper 11.30
7 Building an image caption generator with Deep Learning in Tensorflow Cole Murray 731 resource 11.21
8 A Tutorial on Deep Learning Part 2: Autoencoders, Convolutional Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks Quoc V. Le 711 survey 11.10
9 On-Device Conversational Modeling with TensorFlow Lite Sujith Ravi resource 11.09
10 A BRIEF HISTORY OF NEURAL NETWORK ARCHITECTURES Eugenio Culurciello 712 tutorial 11.09
11 Neural Network Architectures Eugenio Culurciello 711 resource 11.08
12 AutoML: Methods, Systems, Challenges Frank Hutter, Lars Kotthoff, Joaquin Vanschoren 711 resource 11.08
13 Language Model Marta R. Costa-jussa 751 tutorial 11.05
14 The 7 NLP Techniques That Will Change How You Communicate in the Future (Part II) James Le 133 resource 11.02
15 Building Cross-Lingual End-to-End Product Search with Tensorflow Han Xiao 731 resource 11.01
16 Towards Automatically-Tuned Deep Neural Networks Hector Mendoza and Aaron Klein and Matthias Feurer and Jost Tobias ... 711 survey 11.01
17 Convolutional neural networks for language tasks Garrett Hoffman 744 resource 10.97
18 ResNet, AlexNet, VGG, Inception: Understanding various architectures of Convolutional Networks Koustubh 744 resource 10.97
19 Using TensorFlow to generate images with PixelRNNs Phillip Kuznetsov, Noah Meyer Golmant 731 tutorial 10.97
20 ImageNet: VGGNet, ResNet, Inception, and Xception with Keras Adrian Rosebrock 741 resource 10.95
21 Interpretability via attentional and memory-based interfaces, using TensorFlow Goku Mohandas 731 tutorial 10.94
22 Word Embedding: Word2Vec Explained V. Tursi, R. Silipo 72 resource 10.94
23 The 4 Deep Learning Breakthroughs You Should Know About Seth Weidman 711 resource 10.94
24 Neural architecture search with reinforcement learning Barret Zoph, Quoc V Le 999 paper 10.90
25 A simple neural network with Python and Keras Emmanuelle Rieuf 711 resource 10.89
26 Deep Reinforcement Learning: An Overview Yuxi Li 857 resource 10.89
27 How can I create a neural network training routine with TensorFlow-Slim? Marvin Bertin 731 tutorial 10.84
28 Incremental Recurrent Neural Network Dependency Parser with Search-based Discriminative Training Majid Yazdani, James Henderson 999 paper 10.81
29 Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs): An Illustrated Explanation Abhineet Saxena survey 10.81
30 Convolutional Attention Model for Natural Language Inference Marek Galovic 745 resource 10.80
31 LSTMs for Human Activity Recognition Guillaume Chevalier 742 library 10.80
32 Automatic Speaker Recognition using Transfer Learning Christopher Gill 945 resource 10.79
33 Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification Yoon Kim 999 paper 10.79
34 The 9 Deep Learning Papers You Need To Know About (Understanding CNNs Part 3) Adit Deshpande 744 tutorial 10.77
35 In Search of AGI David McAllester 811 lecture 10.77
36 A simple neural network with Python and Keras Adrian Rosebrock 711 resource 10.75
37 Deep Learning on Graph-Structured Data Efstratios Gavves 172 lecture 10.74
38 Conditional Generation and Snapshot Learning in Neural Dialogue Systems Tsung-Hsien Wen, Milica Gasic, Nikola Mrkši?, Lina M. Rojas Barahon... 999 paper 10.71
39 Introducing capsule networks Aurelien Geron 744 resource 10.70
40 How neural networks learn distributed representations Garrett Hoffman 711 resource 10.68
41 A tutorial survey of architectures, algorithms, and applications for deep learning Li Deng survey 10.68
42 Automatic transliteration with LSTM Tigran Galstyan, Hrayr Harutyunyan and Hrant Khachatrian. 45 resource 10.66
43 Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Tianchuan Du, Vijay K. Shanker 711 survey 10.65
44 TensorFlow: A proposal of good practices for files, folders and models architecture Author Unknown 731 resource 10.64
45 Abstractive Sentence Summarization with Attentive Recurrent Neural Networks Sumit Chopra, Michael Auli, Alexander M. Rush 741 paper 10.64
46 Recurrent Neural Networks Part 5 Goku Mohandas 741 tutorial 10.63
47 End-to-end Sequence Labeling via Bi-directional LSTM-CNNs-CRF Xuezhe Ma, Eduard Hovy 999 paper 10.61
48 Notes for CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition Andrej Karpathy 744 survey 10.61
49 Advances in Semantic Textual Similarity Yinfei Yang, Chris Tar 311 resource 10.60
50 How to build and run your first deep learning network Pete Warden 711 tutorial 10.60