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# Title Author Topic Medium Score
1 News Stream Summarization using Burst Information Networks Tao Ge, Lei Cui, Baobao Chang, Sujian Li, Ming Zhou, Zhifang Sui 421 paper 20.36
2 Unsupervised Text Summarization using Sentence Embeddings Kushal Chauhan 851 resource 19.53
3 The Elements of Automatic Summarization Daniel Jacob Gillick 421 survey 19.52
4 Introduction to the Special Issue on Summarization Dragomir R. Radev, Eduard Hovy, Kathleen McKeown 421 survey 19.38
5 Introduction to Text Summarization and Other Information Access Technologies Horacio Saggion 421 tutorial 19.28
6 Abstractive Multi-Document Summarization via Phrase Selection and Merging Lidong Bing, Piji Li, Yi Liao, Wai Lam, Weiwei Guo, Rebecca Passonneau 999 paper 19.25
7 Automatic Summarization Ani Nenkova and Kathleen McKeown 421 survey 19.23
8 Statistical Language Models for Text Data Retrieval and Analysis Zhongyu Wei, ChengXiang Zhai 211 tutorial 18.95
9 Scholarly Data Mining: Making Sense of Scientific Literature Horacio Saggion, Francesco Ronzano 974 tutorial 18.91
10 Scholarly Data Mining: Making Sense of Scientific Literature Horacio Saggion & Francesco Ronzano 974 tutorial 18.91
11 Recent Advances in Document Summarization Jin-ge Yao, Xiaojun Wan, Jianguo Xiao 421 survey 18.81
12 Natural Language Processing for Intelligent Access to Scientific Information Francesco Ronzano, Horacio Saggion 232 tutorial 18.80
13 A Survey on Automatic Text Summarization Dipanjan Das, Andre F.T. Martins 411 survey 18.80
14 The 7 NLP Techniques That Will Change How You Communicate in the Future (Part II) James Le 133 resource 18.71
15 Neural Summarization by Extracting Sentences and Words Jianpeng Cheng, Mirella Lapata 421 paper 18.69
16 Clustering cliques for graph-based summarization of the biomedical research literature Han Zhang, Marcelo Fiszman, Dongwook Shin, Bartomiej Wilkowski, Tho... 999 paper 18.68
17 Automatic Summarization Ani Nenkova, Sameer Maskey, Yang Liu 421 tutorial 18.68
18 Automatic Text Summarization Karel Jezek, Josef Steinberger 421 survey 18.68
19 A Low-Rank Approximation Approach to Learning Joint Embeddings of News Stories and Images for Timeline Summarization William Yang Wang, Yashar Mehdad, Dragomir R. Radev, Amanda Stent 421 paper 18.60
20 Generating Coherent Summaries of Scientific Articles Using Coherence Patterns Daraksha Parveen, Mohsen Mesgar, Michael Strube 421 paper 18.56
21 Learning-Based Single-Document Summarization with Compression and Anaphoricity Constraints Greg Durrett, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Dan Klein 421 paper 18.31
22 Optimizing an Approximation of ROUGE - a Problem-Reduction Approach to Extractive Multi-Document Summarization Maxime Peyrard, Judith Eckle-Kohler 999 paper 18.31
23 Prototype Synthesis for Model Laws Matthew Burgess, Eugenia Giraudy, Eytan Adar 999 paper 18.22
24 A Sentence Compression Based Framework to Query-Focused Multi-Document Summarization Lu Wang, Hema Raghavan, Vittorio Castelli, Radu Florian, Claire Cardie 999 paper 18.10
25 awesome-text-summarization icoxfog417 754 library 17.92
26 Machine Learning for NLP Charu C. Aggarwal 711 survey 17.79
27 A Survey of Text Summarization Techniques Ani Nenkova, Kathleen McKeown 421 survey 17.77
28 Research Text Summarization Jatin Arora library 17.61
29 Multi-document abstractive summarization using ilp based multi-sentence compression Siddhartha Banerjee, Prasenjit Mitra, Kazunari Sugiyama 999 paper 17.56
30 Text Summarization ETHZ 423 lecture 17.51
31 Toward Abstractive Summarization Using Semantic Representations Fei Liu, Jeffrey Flanigan, Sam Thomson, Norman Sadeh, Noah A. Smith 367 paper 17.45
32 Text Data Management and Analysis M. Tamer O zsu 342 survey 17.41
33 Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining Bing Liu 381 survey 17.41
34 Sentiment Analysis in Practice Yongzheng (Tiger) Zhang, Dan Shen, Catherine Baudin 381 tutorial 17.34
35 Tutorial on Abstractive Text Summarization Advaith Siddharthan 421 tutorial 17.31
36 Automated Text summarization Eduard Hovy, Daniel Marcu tutorial 17.08
37 A Hierarchical Neural Autoencoder for Paragraphs and Documents Jiwei Li, Thang Luong, Dan Jurafsky 999 paper 16.91
38 Opinion mining and sentiment analysis Bo Pang and Lillian Lee 381 survey 16.87
39 Taming Recurrent Neural Networks for Better Summarization Abigail See 754 tutorial 16.81
40 Your tl;dr by an ai: a deep reinforced model for abstractive summarization Romain Paulus 754 tutorial 16.77
41 Your tl;dr by an Ai: a Deep Reinforced Model for Abstractive Summarization Romain Paulus 811 resource 16.64
42 Jointly Learning to Extract and Compress Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick, Dan Gillick, Dan Klein 426 paper 16.52
43 Automatic Labeling of Topic Models Using Text Summaries Xiaojun Wan, Tianming Wang 632 paper 16.49
44 Extracting World and Linguistic Knowledge from Wikipedia Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Michael Strube 232 tutorial 16.40
45 Sentiment Analysis and Subjectivity Bing Liu 381 survey 16.38
46 Discourse and Summarization Sameer Singh 42 lecture 16.21
47 Graph-based Text Representations: Boosting Text Mining, NLP and Information Retrieval with Graphs Fragkiskos D. Malliaros, Michalis Vazirgiannis 967 tutorial 16.19
48 Automatic Summarization of Student Course Feedback Wencan Luo, Fei Liu, Zitao Liu, Diane Litman 421 paper 16.08
49 Using Machine Learning To Generate Human-Readable News Articles Tariq Ali 979 resource 16.07
50 Summarizing Tweets in a Disaster Gabriel Tseng 421 tutorial 16.07