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# Title Author Topic Medium Score
1 Bertrand and Russell Ben King 1121
2 Evaluation Dan Roth 1143
3 Evaluation Methods Sebastian Raschka 1164
4 LSTMs for Human Activity Recognition Guillaume Chevalier 1191
5 Multi Label Text Classification with Scikit-Learn Susan Li 1162
6 Multi Label Text Classification with Scikit-Learn Susan Li 1162
7 Unfolding Naïve Bayes from Scratch ! Aisha Javed 1060
8 Cross-validation for detecting and preventing overfitting Andrew W. Moore 1559
9 Evaluation Methods Sebastian Raschka 1164
10 Intro to Data Science Part 3: Data Analysis Tiffany Souterre 1151
11 Proper evaluation protocols François Fleuret 9999
12 Architecture choice and training protocol François Fleuret 1047
13 Information Retrieval 8 David Smith 1042
14 Text Generation Using Recurrent Neural Networks – Towards Data Science None
15 Train and Test Set in Python Machine Learning — How to Split None
16 Features and hypothesis tests David Bamman 1163
17 Minibatch Metropolis-Hastings Daniel Seita 1559
18 Split and Rephrase Shashi Narayan, Claire Gardent, Shay B. Cohen and Anastasia Shimorina 1134
19 Cornell Natural Language Visual Reasoning (NLVR) Alane Suhr, Mike Lewis, James Yeh, and Yoav Artzi 999
20 Test Collection Based Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems Mark Sanderson 1171
21 Story Cloze Test and ROCStories Corpora Author Unknown 1324
22 Data Preprocessing and Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn Sebastian Raschka 1073
23 Prepositional Phrase Attachment 3 Dragomir Radev 1537
24 Nuts and bolts of building AI applications using Deep Learning Andrew Ng 1300
25 A Corpus and Cloze Evaluation for Deeper Understanding of Commonsense Stories Nasrin Mostafazadeh, Nathanael Chambers, Xiaodong He, Devi Parikh, ... 9999
26 dimensionality reduction technique -tsne vs. PCA Zenodia Charpy 1116
27 Model evaluation, model selection, and algorithm selection in machine learning Sebastian Raschka 1559
28 Evaluation Methods Sebastian Raschka 1164
29 Practical Considerations of Classification Dragomir Radev 1165
30 Spider: Yale Semantic Parsing and Text-to-SQL Challenge None
31 Comprehension Based LanguageÿModeling David McAllester 1081
32 How to Unit Test Machine Learning Code Chase Roberts 1189
33 Tutorial on Universal Dependencies: CoNLL shared task on UD parsing Joakim Nivre, Daniel Zeman, Filip Ginter, Francis M. Tyers 1284
34 LF-LDA and LF-DMM: Improving Topic Models with Word Embeddings Dat Quoc Nguyen, Richard Billingsley, Lan Du and Mark Johnson 1186
35 Statistics Tutorial Harvey Berman 1555
36 Solving A Simple Classification Problem with Python - Fruits Lovers's Edition Susan Li 1122
37 Design and Analysis of Machine Learning Experiments Ethem Alpaydın 1066
38 Building a k-Nearest-Neighbors (k-NN) Model with Scikit-learn None
39 PPO2 John Schulman, Filip Wolski, Prafulla Dhariwal, Alec Radford, Oleg ... 1320
40 Introduction to ML strategy Andrew Ng 1559
41 Introduction to ML strategy Kian Katanforoosh 1559
42 factorie-nlp-scripts Emma Strubell 1098
43 State-of-the-art Result for all Machine Learning Problems Reddit Sota 1181
44 Developing Data Science Projects Xavier Bresso 9999
45 What does support vector machine (SVM) mean in layman's terms? Akihiro Matsukawa 1161
46 GluonNLP: Your Choice of Deep Learning for NLP dmlc 1183
47 Two-sample t-test and robustness John Cook 9999
48 Model evaluation, model selection, and algorithm selection in machine learning Sebastian Raschka 1559
49 OAQA Biomedical Question Answering (BioASQ) System Zi Yang, Niloy Gupta, Xiangyu Sun, Di Xu, Chi Zhang, and Eric Nyberg 1031
50 Error Analysis Andrew Ng 9999