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Chatbot survey. Information extraction. Seq2Seq.


This is a test for chatbox


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# Title Author Topic Medium Score
1 Building a FAQ Chatbot in Python – The Future of Information Searching Yogesh Kulkarni 1089
2 How I Used Deep Learning To Train A Chatbot To Talk Like Me (Sorta) 2017 999
3 NLP-Models huseinzol05 1183
4 Speech and Language Processsing Dan Jurafsky and James Martin 1339
5 Neural Dialogue Generation Jiwei Li 1142
6 Seq2seq Chatbot for Keras Oswaldo Ludwig 1200
7 Seq2Seq Chatbot Author Unknown 1183
8 GitHub - huseinzol05/NLP-Models-Tensorflow: Gathers machine learning and Tensorflow deep learning models for NLP problems None
9 Deep Learning chatbots analysis - whats the actual tech behind them? Przemyslaw 1200
10 Awesome TensorFlow jtoy 1189
11 A Must-Read Introduction to Sequence Modelling (with use cases) Tavish Srivastava 9999
12 List of free resources to learn Natural Language Processing Shashank Gupta 1201
13 Deep Q&A Etienne Pot, Laurent Eschenauer 1199
14 List of free resources to learn Natural Language Processing - ParallelDots None
15 A Must-Read NLP Tutorial on Neural Machine Translation — The Technique Powering Google Translate None
16 Deep Reinforcement Learning for Dialogue Generation Jiwei Li, Will Monroe, Alan Ritter, Dan Jurafsky, Michel Galley, Ji... 9999
17 Machine Translation 3 (Neural), Dialogue Models Mohit Bansal 1142
18 Introduction Julia Hockenmaier 1009
19 13 Deep Learning Frameworks for Natural Language Processing in Python Olga Davydova 1189
20 How To Create a ChatBot With tf-seq2seq For Free! Viacheslav Kovakevskyi 1207
21 ConvNet Seq2seq for Machine Translation Kwan-Yuet (Stephen) Ho 1035
22 Neuralconvo: Chatting with a Deep learning brain Julien Chaumond, Clément Delangue 1183
23 Summarizing Text Summarization Kwan-Yuet (Stephen) Ho 1032
24 Application : Traitement des langues naturelles Arsène Fansi 1181
25 Applications III: Dialogue Greg Durrett 1200
26 Reinforcement Learning for NLP Richard Socher 1336
27 Seq2seq pay Attention to Self Attention: Part 1 Bgg 1194
28 Neural Approaches to Conversational {AI} Jianfeng Gao and Michel Galley and Lihong Li 1048
29 DeepPavlov deepmipt 1300
30 Chatsbots with Machine Learning: Building Neural Conversational Agents Dmitry Persiyanov 9999
31 Using Tutorial Data from Google Drive in Colab — PyTorch Tutorials 1.1.0.dev20190501 documentation None
32 Seq2Seq, Attention; Generation and Dialog Julia Hockenmaier 1194
33 Must-Read NLP Tutorial on Neural Machine Translation (Powering Google) None
34 WikiReading: A Novel Large-scale Language Understanding Task over Wikipedia Daniel Hewlett, Alexandre Lacoste, Llion Jones, Illia Polosukhin, A... 9999
35 Artificial Intelligence is a matter of Language Giuseppe Bonaccorso 1183
36 Deep Learning with PyTorch: A 60 Minute Blitz Soumith Chintala 1011
37 Applications II: Summarization Greg Durrett 1198
38 Building a Simple Chatbot from Scratch in Python (using NLTK) Parul Pandey 1200
39 A Comparative Analysis of ChatBots APIs Author Unknown 1207
40 WikiReading paper notes Andrej Karpathy 1199
41 Seq2Seq ICML Tutorial Oriol Vinyals, Navdeep Jaitly 1189
42 Summaries and notes on Deep Learning research papers Denny Britz 1183
43 TensorFlow and Deep Learning Tutorials Author Unknown 1189
44 Seq2Seq-Vis IBM Research 1180
45 Deep Learning for NLP with Pytorch — PyTorch Tutorials 1.1.0.dev20190501 documentation None
46 Natural Language Generation Kwan-Yuet (Stephen) Ho 1033
47 Papers With Code : Dialogue Generation None
48 Papers With Code : Abstractive Text Summarization None
49 Deep learning revolutionizes conversational AI Yishay Carmiel 1300
50 Question Answering Techniques for the World Wide Web Jimmy Lin, Boris Katz 1125